Saturday, February 23, 2008

Membership has its privileges

We spent most of yesterday at MoMA, taking as much advantage of our membership as we could. We (along with the non-member proles) got to watch the installation of part of the Color Chart exhibit. It opens March 2, which means the museum staff still have time to finish gluing stripes to the floor:

It's gonna be pretty cool.


We stopped for lunch (10% off for members!) at the café on the second floor. The Boy had a fantastic duck prosciutto salad with Humboldt Fog cheese, pears and spiced walnuts:

and I had a Gorgonzola, bacon and pear panini, which was great (though not as pretty).

I'd been looking forward to seeing the new exhibit Design and the Elastic Mind, but it turned out not to be opening until Sunday. Boo! But then we discovered that members got a sneak preview. Huzzah!

It's a fabulous selection of fantastical ideas, futuristic inventions and stuff that's happening right now involving nanotechnology and engineering and design, as well as graphical representations of things like real-time global Internet use and continental air traffic. I have video of the latter that I'll post soon.

Among the other cool ideas: a doggy-tail-wagging translator (you need to see it as a larger image) and this example of how today's scientists are spending their time: stapling DNA to make smiley faces:

Futuristically freaked out yet?

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