Saturday, January 01, 2011

Eating Christmas in England

We spent Christmas with my parents in England while the country was wearily digging out from the tail end of a two-month snow emergency.

Though things were more or less back to normal, we were happy to embrace snowboundness and stay home, where there was a cozy fire and copious quantities of Christmas foodstuffs.

On Christmas Eve, The Boy and I made the traditional Puerto Rican dinner, more or less: roast pork (pernil), here in its "before" state:

and the coconut custard tembleque for dessert. We used this easy tembleque recipe, which was made more entertaining by the use of my mom's magic stirring gadget:

Christmas lunch, of course: roast beef, roast potatoes done in goose fat, Yorkshire puddings ditto, roast parsnips and carrots, Brussels sprouts and lovely cauliflower cheese.

And the very necessary Christmas pudding with custard:

Christmas pudding is one of my favorite things, possibly because I know there's only one serving a year. I love the sticky-sweetness of the fruit and the extra-hot custard. Actually, I'd still love it if I could eat it all year round.

The family came over on Boxing Day. We made sandwiches and chocolate cake, benne wafers and key lime pie. And there were quiches and cheeses and prosciutto and dates. And people brought more chocolate cake, and carrot cake, and my aunt's famous corned beef pie:

My dad did a ham, which means not pre-brined, pre-flavored meat, but raw fresh pork leg. This is also one of my favorite Christmas things.

So are mince pies, here served warm with Greek yogurt (okay, not traditional Christmas fare, but it works):

And not particularly related to Christmas, but certainly connected to fabulous pork products, black pudding.

Also, my mom makes an amazing fruited tea loaf.

And none of this includes our trip to York. Mayhap we found pork and pastries and cheese there too, hmmm?

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Blogger Ten Nebula said...

Peace and light,

I enjoy your blog
I hope all is unfolding in your life in ease, harmony, joy, and abundance!
Have a great 2011!

Bright Blessings,

Ten Nebula

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