Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tasty Burger is tasty

Over the summer, my colleagues and I have been monitoring two developments close to our office: a careful stack of fire-engine-red cans that promises to become a Cougar Puma City; and the transformation of an overlooked gas station into Tasty Burger.

One of them has finally opened.

And because some of us have friends in high places, our office got a delivery of Free Burger coupons.

Note that Eric is particularly excited by this.

It's strange how you can walk past a building a million times, but only become aware of its existence once its purpose changes. How could you miss this now?

Pulp Fiction theme is carried indoors (and to the menu, which includes a Big Kahuna burger.)

For once, I wasn't the only one shooting the food.

I can't tell, but from the timing this might have been for the
Boston Phoenix review of Tasty Burger.

We sat outside and ordered: shakes, onion rings, fries, plus cheeseburgers all round.

Would the burger look anything like the one on the coupon?

Um, no. But still:

Sometimes a burger means a dry bun, obtrusive salad, and overwhelming meat. This was not that; this was meat and cheese and lettuce and tomato and bread forming a single entity of soft, warm, salty, comforting juiciness.

Sure, it's not pretty. But where would we be if we only paid attention to pretty things?

The onion rings were a delicate tangle of sweet batter. The fries were thick and soft inside. Next time, I'm getting them with sausage gravy.

Meanwhile, there's still no opening date for Puma City; the friendly security guards have said late summer/September/October.

And Tasty Burger's big sister across the street,
Citizen Pub and Oyster Bar, is finally due to debut in a couple of weeks.

So there'll be more chances to pick up something tasty.

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