Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grilled pizza? That's Crazy (Dough)!

Nothing brightens up a workday like a surprise pizza taste-test.

Our office was lucky enough to get a visit from Doug Ferriman of Crazy Dough's Pizza, who turned up with three warm boxes of pie: buffalo chicken, margarita, and tuscan tomato basil. Lots of fresh flavors: carmelized onion, garlic, fresh herbs, and a fantastic crust.

The big deal? Crazy Dough's throws their pizza on the grill. The grill, Liz Lemon!

Why? Doug explains:

(The olive oil he refers to is infused with herbs and black Hawaiian sea salt. Me likey.)

So what was the verdict? Well, all three pizza boxes were empty within minutes. Bill liked the cornmeal under the dough. Michael said he'd happily eat the toasty dough with no toppings.

Here's the underside:

Katie noted that the buffalo chicken wasn't macho-spicy; while it came with blue cheese (usually needed to bring down the heat), it would have been fine without.

Even the Guitar Hero guy liked it, and he hates everything.

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Blogger Teresa said...

That was an awesome day. I loved the buffalo chicken! == Teresa

2:21 PM  

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