Monday, June 09, 2008

What happens when you neglect your Papa

I've never liked those good news/bad news jokes.

Good news: Your doctor says you have 24 hours to live.
Bad news: He meant to tell you yesterday.

Bad news: Your blood is all over the crime scene.
Good news: Your cholesterol is way down.

See? Not funny. Depressing and lame.

Why am I cranky?

Because I was looking through this new booklet the T has produced, which lists
discounts and freebies for CharlieCard holders.

And I saw something that said:

"Ooh," I sez to myself, I sez, "Macanchee on a stick? That merits investigation."

Google searches brought up no results for the business (tsk, tsk!) but there was a Chowhound thread on
Boston-area mac and cheese recommendations that seemed to offer a clue.

I scrolled through
and found this:

"Where Beard Papa used to be"??

If you missed my earlier paean to
Beard Papa's light and delicious cream puffs, or if you're not lucky enough to live in New York or California, you won't understand why this is bad news indeed.

Beard Papa's website confirms that there are now no outlets in Massachusetts. None.

It was bad enough when they took away Krispy Kreme and replaced it with
Kelly's Roast Beef (no, not cool).

But this?

The Boy, of course, says we're responsible. If we'd picked up a dozen vanilla puffs every day, Beard Papa might still be in business. He has also decided that even though mac and cheese on a stick sounds like a wonderful thing, on principle he will not be visiting the Green Organic Bowl (which doesn't even have a website) to try it.

Maybe that is the good news.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

beard papa is gone? obviously i don't go to faenueil hall enough, or else I would have helped keep them alive.

10:02 AM  

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