Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cupcakes? Sweet!

I've written before about how the recent explosion of cupcake fanaticism suggests a nostalgic hipster yearning for the carefree days of childhood. But for all my pseudo-ironic swagger, I do love a nice cakey.

So when a sign in a Mass. Ave. storefront heralded the imminent arrival of cupcakery
Sweet, I started keeping track of its progress (walls are up ... tables are in ... ooh, there's a display case ...).

When I walked past yesterday, there was a "now open" sign in the window. So today, together with cupcake aficionados Sarah and Dawn, I went to check it out.

It's a tiny store; this is pretty much the whole thing.

(Note the flat-screen TV, here showing the end credits for Sophia Coppola's elegant cupcake Marie Antoinette.)

Humongous carnation cupcake from
Winston Flowers:

Gorgeous wallpaper from
Studio Printworks:

Coordinating candy:

Nice package:

There's an attention to detail and an eye for design throughout the brand identity that keeps it fun and fresh without teetering into saccharine princess cuteness.

So, that's my report ...

The what?

I forgot what?

Oh, you mean these?

(Check out the finishing touch on this last bunch: gold! Goooold! We're rich, I tells ya!)

It wasn't too hard to figure out which flavors to try, as Sweet's
menu only has five choices. A further helpful restriction was the price: full-size cupcakes are $3.25, the mini versions a buck cheaper. Bulk buys are a relative bargain, and four mini cupcakes are $8, which seems more reasonable (and certainly less than the cost of dessert at most decent restaurants).

So I chose lemon, cappuccino, dark chocolate and organic karat (that's the one topped with edible gold leaf).

Somehow I managed to get them back to the office, leave them on my desk all afternoon and carry them home without even "accidentally" dipping a finger in the frosting, much less stuffing all four in my face at once. The Boy was suitably grateful.

First impression: well, they certainly are tiny.

But they're potent little packages. The karat cake (geddit?) was dense and spicy and topped with a thick, chewy cream cheese frosting, which just stopped short of being overwhelmingly sweet and harmonized well with the cake.

The lemon was bright and vibrant and much less sweet--it was restrained, refreshing, and cake and frosting came together as one flavor, rather than playing off each other as the carrot cupcake did. (Update: in the shower this morning, I realized what it reminded me of: Bigelow's lovely line of lemon unguents and ointments.)

Cappuccino was the most "grown-up" cake; more elegant and complex, rich without being ostentatious.

Chocolate was good ol' chocolate, all big friendly round bass notes, satisfyingly chocolate-puddingy.

The only bad thing about Sweet: I walk past it almost every day. Can I possibly restrain myself? Oh, go on, it's only a teeny tiny cupcake ... cheaper than a latte ...

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Anonymous Meredith said...

Sooo happy to know about this! The cupcakes look delicious!!!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous DOM said...

went on tues when it opened, they're good but i though th they were too expensive for what they are, i might get them for a special occasion but then i could get awhole cake from the grocery store that whould be cheaper andbigger

4:32 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Did they mention future flavors? Velvet cake, banana, sausage?

and why were you eating them in the shower?

2:43 PM  
Blogger LimeyG said...

No future flavors that I know of, though they do have an alleged "seasonal" version. I have no idea what it is (unless it was the bone-garnished "pupcake").

And what I do in the shower with my cupcakes is my own business, thankyouverymuch.

7:41 PM  
Blogger LimeyG said...

Also: mmmm ... sausage ...

7:41 PM  

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