Thursday, April 24, 2008

Airline food is food too!

The Boy is now more or less resigned to the fact that I bring my camera to every restaurant, food court and taco stand.

He almost never rolls his eyes any more when I take pictures of my food, his food and the food of anyone else at the table before we eat (I like to think of it as my own particular form of saying grace).

But I'm pretty sure even he would have something to say if I insisted on photographing every inflight meal I'd ever experienced.

Which leads me to assume that the Osaka businessman who maintains this
collection of images of airline food is not married.

The site is hard to follow for gaijin; all you need to know is that since at least 1991, this guy has flown with 84 airlines from Bangkok to Singapore, from London to Helsinki, from Atlanta to LaGuardia.

And if he had a cheese-and-fruit plate on Air Kenya, or a sushi box in the jump-seat on FedEx, or Häagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream on Cathay Pacific, or
unidentifiable orange lumps on Valuair, he made sure to record it for posterity.

Why did I never think of doing this? Oh, The Boy's eyes are going to roll right out of his head ...

(Big thanks to Mike for recognizing, and feeding, my obsession!)



Blogger El said...

I personally wish we had preserved for posterity the truly awful English "breakfast" we had on my first trip to Teeside on BMI.

Of course the truly fantastic bacon panini they served the second time would have also been worth remembering.

5:19 PM  

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