Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why I love The Boy #736

Yesterday the cold-bug that had been hanging over my head like a dark cloud descended onto my shoulders, despite my best efforts to ignore it. I stayed home from work (which goes against all my natural urges to be in Total Control) and hunkered, snuffling, under a blanket with an IV of hot tea.

Today I feel much less inert, but The Boy decreed I was still sick and in need of rest. He made thick, fluffy banana pancakes for breakfast, and then went out to the dry-cleaners--an errand, I should point out, that only benefited me.

And then--and then--he came back with goodies from the Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis Square, specifically my favorite Indonesian squash soup:


It's a curried soup, sweetened with coconut milk and topped with baby spinach leaves that wilt in the heat. When I worked in the Square, I'd have it for lunch two or three times a week. It was an addiction.

To follow, we shared a curried veggie wrap: zucchini and grilled peppers and carrots and onion and lentils and raisins and jasmine rice in a wholewheat tortilla.

Curried veggie wrap from the Blue Shirt

Maybe I should get sick more often ...


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