Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter lunch

Easter is a good excuse to do lunch right, I always say. This year, we went fresh and springy and simple: roast lamb leg studded with garlic and rosemary (the latter harvested from our herb garden last year and stored in the freezer); roast golden beets; steamed redskin potatoes tossed in olive oil; and English peas, which The Boy shelled and basically poached in butter and fresh mint.

roast lamb with minted peas

Emboldened by my recent success with saffron cake, I felt inspired to bake dessert:
Swiss Easter rice tart, courtesy of Nick Malgieri.

This is a rich, dense, eggy-buttery tart with ground almonds, puréed rice and a hint of lemon zest; it's somewhere between rice pudding and flan. And frankly, it was damn near perfect.

You know, I'm kinda getting the hang of this baking lark.

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