Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Ought-Seven!

Ugghhh ... feeling a little fra-geee-lay this morning, after an evening of champagne and Chinese food chez Tim & Peter. P made a delish lemon cream pie and some amazing ginger ice-cream, and we sat and talked and watched TV.

In past years, we've headed up to their roof deck at midnight to watch the fireworks over Boston, but this year we unanimously decided "Feh" and instead watched a documentary about a 627-pound woman undergoing extreme surgery.

Which seemed an appropriate a way as any other to ring in the new year: a symbolic extraction of 2006's political and social unnecessary, unhealthy excesses, making way for a more sensible diet and lifestyle for the nation.

Like John Edwards is saying, we all need to take responsibility for the future; we can't rely on the president, or on others, to fix things.

Good intentions, at least. Let's see how long they last.


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