Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy warm Christmas!

This may be my last post of the year. Or not, depending on whether we can figure out how to use our cellphones as modems.

We'll be in Puerto Rico from Thursday through December 30. There are few better places to spend Christmas (okay, Billingham, but I'm biased). Both The Boy and I talk about how blessed we both are in-law-wise, and it's really a pleasure to be in either place (though of course Bee-ham has neither palm trees nor

One thing I'm looking forward to visiting in PR is the new $40 million, 15-floor evangelistic Museum of Bible History. (The site is all in Spanish except, for some reason,
the floor-by-floor breakdown; notice that the Kingdom of God is below the Admin offices.) I hope they have a gift shop!

check out our Flickr gallery ... and have a great Christmas!!


Blogger -mt said...

Best wishes to you. And I neglected to post here my congratulations on becoming a US citizen. Have a great holiday!m

12:07 AM  
Blogger LimeyG said...

Thanks, Moppo! Happy holidays to you too--stay in touch in '07!!

10:38 AM  

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