Monday, December 11, 2006

My last day as a 100% English chickie

When I was preparing for my naturalization interview, I was under the impression you could choose to be sworn in right after correctly naming the number of stars on the flag. I'd decided that, given the option, I'd rather wait for the ceremony. It would feel more official, more exciting, more ... ceremonial. (As it turns out, you don't get a choice.)

And maybe it's just that I've had a long, long day at work, and we still haven't finished our Christmas shopping (haven't even written cards yet), so I haven't really had time to contemplate the enormity of this event. But somehow I just ... don't ... feel ... very excited.

I'm sure I'll feel different tomorrow as the glamorous skyline of Lowell appears on the horizon.

When I turn up for the ceremony, I have to bring a short questionnaire, which (it categorically states) must be filled out on the day of the interview. An excerpt:

After the date of your interview, have you:

Been married, widowed, or divorced?

Traveled outside the United States?

Joined any organization, including the Communist Party?

Practiced polygamy; received income from illegal gambling; become a Prostitute (their cap, not mine); procured anyone for prostitution or been involved in any other Commercialized (their cap) vice; or been a habitual drunkard?

Give me a break. I only had my interview two weeks ago. I'm just not that efficient.



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