Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Choc porkolate

This may have escaped your attention, but the weather isn't very nice right now. (*understatement*)

Yesterday I shoveled, and it was actually fun; the snow was light and fluffy, and it took no time to clear the path and sidewalk (as well as those of our 90-something neighbor). Today, however, we have rain, which has made the snow surprisingly heavy.

I went out and shoveled with The Boy, who is working from home. It took a lot longer, even with two people; by the time we'd finished we were out of breath and soaked to the skin.

When I started cancer treatment, my nurse practitioner explained the importance of loading up on calories.

"Baked potato," she suggested. "Butter? Yes. Sour cream? More. Cheese? Extra."

With that in mind, I realized it was my medical duty to restore my beshoveled energy. With hot chocolate.

We had three types of chocolate in the house:

Can you guess which one I used to make hot chocolate?

Ha! Trick question!

I chopped the two together:

And stirred them into warming milk.

The result was a seductive combination: the warming, peppery spice of the chili and the dark smokiness of the bacon, wrapped in a cloak of velvety chocolate.

Winter schminter.



Blogger Michael Buller said...

I can't believe I'm must reading this now when it's 50 degrees outside! Love reading your posts!

11:44 AM  

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