Thursday, December 13, 2007

Parmo vote: the results are in

And, surprising no-one, I did not make the cut in the finals of the World Parmo Cooking Championships, despite my best efforts to stuff the ballot box. Probably just as well, given the improbability of me being able to catch a flight to Teesside and make it to Stockton High Street this week, what with the snow and all.

So who are the finalists? The three winners include Borges (not Argentinean, as you might expect, but rather Italian) and Billingham's Mexi-maybe
Mohujos, whose Angolan chef is trained in Portuguese cuisine. I guess, if nothing else, that this validates the "World" part of the contest's title.

So big thanks to everyone who voted for me. I owe you all several beers, followed by a deep-fried slice of chicken smothered in cheese, topped with more cheese.

Here's how the MSM tells it. (Votes from Cardiff, huh? I wonder which post code??)

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