Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mature ladies, good with hands

The Interwebs, as we know, have opened up vast new arenas for illicit fantasies and perverse pleasures that would, at one time, have been hidden under the mattress or experienced furtively in darkened rooms.

But not any more, oh no; now, it's all out there to be discovered, experienced and cleaned up after.

And I thought I'd seen my fair share of the Strange and Unusual. But then I discovered a Swiss site that allows you to select a mature lady and have her
do your bidding. The photos are right there; the women are smiling as they demonstrate their manual dexterity. Click an image, and you'll find a teasing quote from the performer.

Gertrud says, "Ich kann nicht einfach nur da sitzen, meine Hände müssen etwas zu tun haben." (I can't just sit there, my hands need something to do.")

Doris B reveals that what she does "ist für mich, wie für andere Yoga" ("for me, it's as yoga is for other people.")

Well, now the whole world knows what you're doing, Doris. You and your socks habit.

Knitting! She's knitting, people! (What did you think it was, huh?)

The service is called
NetGranny; you start by choosing a prospective knitter ("Wähle deine Granny") and then click on a sock color (or let granny surprise you with her own design).

Then you pay $40 and wait two weeks.

For a pair of socks.

Wow. I sure hope those grannies know how to satisfy.

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