Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey, Finley! Check out this snow!

Finley, your mum told me you're disappointed because your toboggan is just sitting there, waiting for snow, and you don't have any.

Well, I can't send you real snow for Christmas (I think it would melt in the box before it got to your house), so this will have to do for now.

This was the view from our front window last week:

The snow at the end of the street was piled into a big hill:

It was very pretty at first:

But every time it snows, we have to shovel the path and dig out the car. Some people don't bother to do that:

You can
see all our snow pictures here.

And here's a cool video someone else made of the snowstorm in Boston last February:

Maybe one day you can come and visit us in winter. Until then, I'll try and wish some snow in your direction!!

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