Thursday, May 03, 2007

When I am old ...

... I will spend all my spare time writing angry letters to the editors of various publications. Right now, though, my life is too full and exciting (bwa ha ha!), so diatribes are few and far between.

But last month's Boston Magazine article about OpenTable (which I ranted about here) prompted me to jot down a few thoughts (okay, spend a couple of hours obsessing over subtle wording and cunning emphasis) and email it to their letters page.

A week or so later, I got a nice message from one of their editorial assistants, asking for confirmation that I yam who I yam so they could print the letter.

And then--yay!--my rant made it into the May issue, almost completely unedited. They just took out one short phrase, which may give the impression that I'm impossible to please (no comments needed from The Boy, thank you!).

Anyway, as an editor myself, I'm really in no position to get ratty about other people doing exactly what I would have done myself.

On top of which, I have a lovely forum for rants right here, and no-one edits me except me.

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Blogger -mt said...

All right! It's about time the general public got a taste of your excellent writing and incisive vision. I hope you become a regular contributor to the public discourse on your favorite topic. Congrats!

10:49 AM  

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