Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eric and Nicki's wedding; an Oleana reception

Today our friends Eric and Nicki were married in a beautiful, simple ceremony in the rose garden in the Fens.

Nicki's brother read an e.e. cummings poem; the vows made everyone cry; the unexpected ice-cream truck musical accompaniment (with this tune) made everyone laugh.

And then we headed to Cambridge for the reception at Oleana.

Though the sky threatened rain, we didn't get a drop, so we could sit among the fruit trees and herbs on the patio.

Lunch was served family-style, which meant we got to pass around plates and share with new friends.

The appetizers included spinach falafel with tahini, yogurt, and a creamy beet sauce:

Lamejun (think Middle Eastern pizza) with haloumi and grilled peaches:

and an amazing, airy buttered hummus wrapped in something I'd never had before: basturma, a paper-thin slice of air-dried beef. It was fantastic.

And then the mains, also served on sharing plates: salmon roasted in fig leaves with plums,

Beautifully pink, tender lamb,

and simple, delicious sides.

For dessert, there was plum tart in a buttery crust with a lovely almond-milk ice cream.

By the end of the meal, I was running out of steam, so we headed home, happy with thoughts of amazing food, great company, and true love.

Oh, and the realization that we really, really need to eat at Oleana again soon.

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Blogger Katie C. said...

Congrats to Eric and Nicki! Matt works for the Emerald Necklace and we just pruned those roses.. you're welcome everyone! :-D

1:17 AM  
Blogger Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and turning me on to yours! A reception at Oleana sounds exquisite. Why didn't I think of that?!

1:33 PM  

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