Saturday, March 20, 2010

Restaurant Week 2010: lunch at L'Espalier

Last year, Lovely Co-Worker Sarah and I did Restaurant Week lunch at L'Espalier.

This year, we could have tried something new (that's the point of Restaurant Week, right?). But instead, we went back to L'Espalier. Which now means it's a tradition. Them's the rules.

Wanna see?

We both started with the salad: endive with olives and feta. I don't remember having had olives so good; perhaps the brine was lighter, but instead of an strong, deep flavor, they were light and fresh.

endive salad with olives for Restaurant Week at L'Espalier

The salad was finished with a red pepper coulis that seemed to contain the intensity of dozens of peppers reduced to their essence. And a generous wedge of chickpea fritter, dense and nutty, that was perfect for mopping up the coulis and the black olive vinaigrette.

chickpea fritter at Restaurant Week at L'Espalier

Then the mains; as she did last year, LC Sarah went rogue and ordered the burger from the regular, non-Restaurant Week menu. She had her reasons.

Burger with huge fries at L'Espalier

Close-up of the burger at L'Espalier

I stuck to the prix fixe menu, and almost chose the roast salmon with saffron couscous over the pork loin. But didn't.

pork loin with mushroom sauce for Restaurant Week at L'Espalier

The meat was thick and juicy; the mushroom sauce was deeply flavored without being heavy; and the greens underneath the pork were perfectly balanced (not too bitter, not too sweet) and the best part of the dish.

And then to dessert. I ordered the chocolate cake: layers of fluffy mousse topped with caramel, served with delicate almond cookies and chocolate krispies and finished with an intensely orangey foam.

chocolate mousse layer cake at L'Espalier for Restaurant Week

But LC Sarah most definitely won dessert. Layers of vanilla and blood orange mousse, delicate and subtle, with a guava sauce and lychee foam.

Tropical fruit parfait for Restaurant Week at L'Espalier

Her description: "A mattress of heaven."

xxx for Restaurant Week at L'Espalier

She said, "I wish I was tiny so I could lay on it."

I said, "How about being rich enough to buy a really really big one?"

Either way, the lounging-in-mousse concept was deemed agreeable. And so was the idea of celebrating next spring by coming back to L'Espalier for Restaurant Week.

Tulips and daffodils decorating Restaurant Week at L'Espalier

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Blogger Citrus Quark said...

great review! thanks!

10:19 AM  
Blogger 精采 said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. ........................................

1:31 AM  
Blogger Justine said...

Looks like a great meal. I also enjoyed you munch madness post!


2:05 PM  

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