Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Munch Madness

The Boston Globe is trying to measure its readers' dining preferences with Munch Madness, a basketball-style bracketed system which will eventually winnow down area restaurants to a single winner.

Sixty-four will enter; one will leave!

Here's where I admit I know nothing about sporting challenges and seeding, which is why I don't quite understand why, for instance, I have to choose whether
No. 9 Park is better than Redbones. That just doesn't seem fair.

Voting starts March 17.
Go vote now!



Blogger KP said...

Great, I get to explain the seeding process!

Seeding is a system of pre-ranking contenders based upon projected strength. The #1 seed in a bracket is the most likely to get to the finals based upon the bias of the bracket overseer. #2 would be the second most likely, etc.

In a 64-team bracket, the #1 team will be matched up in the first round with the #16 team and should win easily. In the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament upon which this is based, a #16 seed has never beaten a #1 seed since the tournament went to 64 teams since 1985. A good writeup can be found here.

The maker of the bracket is saying that Redbones, the #15 seed in the Knife Bracket is most likely to lose to the No. 9 Park, the #2 seed. No. 9 Park would then presumably meet #7 seed Rendezvous who would have beaten #10 seed Helmand. If all seeds hold true, then No 9. Park will meet #1 seed Toro in the Round of 8 to go to the Final Four.

If everything goes as projected, the Final Four will be Toro, Oleana, o ya and Craigie on Main.

10:43 AM  
Blogger KP said...

I think o ya will win the first round as the opponent - Ole Mexican Grill - is one I remember as "barely adequate". I do hold a grudge from that night 12 or so years ago when we went and I had to order four entrees before I found one that was available that night!

10:48 AM  

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