Saturday, March 14, 2009

Restaurant Week: Lunch at L'Espalier

Q: What's better than going to L'Espalier for lunch?

A: Going to L'Espalier for lunch during Restaurant Week. Three courses: $20.09.

Q: What's better (or perhaps worse) than having to read a long, rambling post about how well crafted, beautifully plated and generally delicious the food was?

A: Having to look at a whole bunch of photos. (Sorry.)

To begin, a salad of spring greens with rhubarb vinaigrette and Three Sisters cheddar:

And a light, sweet Vidalia onion soup dotted with licorice sugar (dark and explosive on the tongue)

with a tiny island of light, fluffy parmesan flan, topped with roasted almonds.

Next, pork belly with caraway-roasted potatoes and pickled-ginger sauerkraut.

And, for a little extra, one of the spécialités de la maison: juicy, salty sirloin burger with pulled pork (!), served in a toasted brioche bun with Roaring Forties cheese and slaw ...

The burger came with thick fries that were more like roasted potato (a slight crunch to the outside; light and fluffy inside), and a trio of condiments that included a homemade barbecue sauce and a lovely garlic-truffle ailoi.

For dessert: chocolate brownies with crumbled white chocolate ...

And a mango mousse with macademia nuts.

This is allegedly Restaurant Week for Winter 2009. But as of this dessert, spring has officially begun.

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