Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things we did in Puerto Rico (non-food edition)

We're back from a week in Puerto Rico where, among other things, we:

Took part in a Susan Komen 5k (with 8,000 other people, on a 90-degree day):

Went backstage at the lottery (which involves 52,000 tiny balls):

Watched protesters march during a general strike (and met the brother of
this guy):

The protestors (largely unionists) were angry that the governor (who bears an
unfortunate resemblance to Milhouse) had laid off 17,000 government workers in a budget-cutting measure. Because of course Puerto Rico is the only place affected by the massive downturn in the global economy. Don't get me started.

But here's a nicely edited video that gives a sense of the day's events (graffiti, tire-fires, art-student paper-mâché puppets and all).

Walked around the cemetery next to the Atlantic:

Saw some amazing Catholic statuary (and the burial site of Ponce de Leon):

Hung out in the backyard, surrounded by orchids:

Had a ton of fun with the family:

But mostly, we ate.

(More to come on that, of course; this is gonna take at least two more posts.)

(Actually, most of the above were preceded, followed by or somehow involved food, now that I think about it.)



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