Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things we ate at the Big E

We went to the Big E in Springfield, partly so I could get my annual fix of sheep and goats, partly so we could check out the terrifying midway rides, and partly because it was a beautiful day.

But mostly, we went to eat.

First, the things we did
not eat:

Look! Fresh (deep-fried) vegetables!

Because when I think martinis and sushi, I think state fair.

The "
Craz-E Burger" appeared to be the culinary apogee of this year's Big E; there were regular PA announcements reminding people of its existence, and souvenir t-shirts (doubtless only available in sizes L, XL, XXL) proclaiming that the wearer had survived the experience of consuming one.

I admit that I was tempted; I could hear it calling me out ("C'mon, what's the matter? Afraid you can't do it?"). But sanity won out.

And now to the things we did eat.

Corn dog, with a satisfyingly sweet coating and a perfectly done dog:

Mac and cheese, made with Massachusetts's own
Granville Cheddar (could have done with more sauce and less pasta, but the cheese was great):

Completely delicious deep-fried cheese curds, with a slight crunch to the batter and a gooey interior:

This made The Boy very happy.

Then we switched to the sweet stuff, beginning with 28 donuts.

Okay, they were only small. But they still filled a bag:

Next, the very necessary flan-like
Finnish pancakes, served with blueberry sauce:

Followed by fresh Massachusetts raspberries (see, that's two items with fruit!):

A small helping of lovely creamy rice pudding, courtesy of
Down Home Rice Pudding (they also do chocolate and tapioca):

And then — oh, and then — the best thing of all. The food item we'd neglected to try on our previous Big E visit, and subsequently thought about for the next two years.

The deep-fried Oreo.

How to describe? It was like an Oreo with the bass turned up. Soft, warm, sweet; like a hug topped with powdered sugar. Highly recommended.

So the Big E was a resounding success as far as our desire to eat copious amounts of fried loveliness was concerned. We drove home with the smell of cooking grease clinging to our clothes, feeling disgusted with ourselves, and vowing to eat salad the rest of the week.

And debating whether to buy some Oreos. And a deep-fat fryer.

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Anonymous Dawn said...

How did you ever avoid eating the Pot Roast Sundae? It's Sunday dinner in a bowl!

I wonder how hard it would be to make deep fried cheese curds at home? Were they like the "squeaky cheese" curds you can buy at Trader Joe's? Was it a beer batter?

Inspiring installment, Limey G.

5:19 PM  
Blogger LimeyG said...

I know! Sunday dinner! In a bowl! But it had corn and tomato; that's not my definition of Sunday dinner. If there's no Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes, it ain't the real deal.

I think the cheese curds started out like the ones you get at TJs, but frying makes them gooey. Like mozzarella sticks, but times like a billion. There are a few recipes online, most of which seem to involve beer + pancake mix ...

7:39 AM  

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