Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like a disappointing blind cake date

Last year, I wrote about a project dedicated to revealing the differences between depictions of food on packaging and the goopy, suspicious reality hidden within.

Recently, I was ... well, perhaps fortunate isn't the right word. Point is, I was given a box of this:

Looks good, right? Here, get closer:

And now let's open the box.

In honor of the original German project, I attempted to recreate the photo on the packaging. But because I didn't have any raspberries, I substituted the packet of OxyFree 504 oxygen absorber (catchy tagline: "Do not eat!") that was stuck to the cake.

Now, I know no one is going to buy something if the photos make it look flattened and burned. But I'm certainly not going to turn to the
Ya-Hoo! Baking Company the next time I need to order baked goods. Sure, their cheesecake looks deep and delicious, but is that the reality? How much makeup is it wearing?

Misleading photos are no better in food marketing than in online dating. If you're trying to attract someone with the promise of sweet deliciousness, you'd better be able to deliver. Otherwise there's no second date.

Oh, and did we eat the cake?

What do you think?

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