Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's all pie

I've long held that pie makes life better. And, increasingly, worklife in particular.

In my last job, feeling snacky one busy day, I was debating the merits of running across the street to pick up a brownie (bad, I know) when I suddenly remembered something very important: we'd had an office party the day before! There were leftovers! Specifically, pie in the fridge!

So "pie in the fridge" became a way of referring to a project that suddenly came together; those (rare! Ha!) times when apparent obstacles disappeared with the realization that resources or solutions were already sitting right there.

Think of it as the flipside of "pie in the sky."

And then today, lovely co-worker Sarah and I were talking about how we were looking forward to Friday's post-work socializin', and how it was something to think about to get us through the rest of a busy week.

Sarah started, "Just keep your eyes on the ..."

"Prize?" I said.

She paused. "Actually, I was going to say 'pie'."

And I realized that was perfect. "Eyes on the prize" is so ... melodramatic. It suggests cold awards, soulless statuettes, heavyweight championship belts.

Whereas pie is ... well, it's pie. A warm, juicy, yielding, completely worthwhile goal.

Still not convinced? Okay, try this: next time you're having a crappy day at work, check out these
blueberry pie images from Flickr. (It's okay; I'll explain it to your boss.) And then tell me you're not feeling better.

As a wise man once said:

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