Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Spartacus! (Or Carolyn Grantham)

Until I was 19, I was the only Carolyn I knew. Never met another in all my formative years; not until I moved to London and started working at the University Library, where there were two--two!--other women who dared to share my forename.

Well, I could deal with that.

I never knew of any Granthams outside my family until I moved to Boston, where I discovered that there were some rather wealthy ones living on Beacon Hill. (Sadly, I'm pretty sure we're not related.)

Given the seeming rarity of a combination of first and last name, then, I was rather surprised to discover a veritable slew of people called Carolyn Grantham--none of whom are me--running around.

One is a llama farmer in Virginia.

One is a hot-air balloonist in New Mexico.

One is an elementary-school teacher in Chicago.

And there are others. Many, many others.

It makes me wonder whether, in a parallel universe, I'd be following a career path chosen by one of my namesakes.

It also makes me want to become a llama-farming, hot-air-ballooning schoolteacher, just to corner the market.

But mostly what it makes want to do is achieve search engine dominance.

I've been showing up on page one of Google for a while, thanks to press releases I wrote and posted on PRWeb, which list Carolyn Grantham (i.e. me) as contact person for both a special feature on poverty and prayer and a new Bible study product. But all those other pretenders to the CG crown keep showing up as well, mostly because they're more accomplished and worthy of public note.

Well, that's not what SEO is about, is it? Heck no!

So I signed up with some networking, social media, and "online identity reputation management" sites, to strengthen my position.

Here's Carolyn Grantham on naymz.com.

Here's Carolyn Grantham on LinkedIn.

Here's Carolyn Grantham (aka LimeyG) on the Copywriter's Roundtable Network.

And of course, as previously noted, Carolyn Grantham waxing effusive about SES Latino.

My goal is to dominate the first SERP. There can be only one Carolyn Grantham!

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