Saturday, November 04, 2006

Zombies, etc

I was a little disappointed by Hallowe'en. Not as many crazily-dressed people as there have been in previous years. And it doesn't help to work in a neighborhood with a high population of college kids, because it becomes really hard to tell who's dressed up for the holiday and who's just being a-haaaaal-tuuurnative.

For instance, the girl in line at Starbucks in the plaid mini-skirt, knee-high socks and pigtails: was she playing Naughty Schoolgirl, or was she just a Berklee student? The guy with the bicycle decorated in bones, topped with a rubber skull: was he going to a party, or was he just a hardcore bike messenger?

On the other hand, I did see:

  • A group of six Asian kids on the Orange Line, who suddenly all pulled out V for Vendetta masks and put them on. The masks are creepy enough, but when they're worn in multiples, it's extra-strange.
  • The driver of a Red Line train--a big black guy--wearing some kind of white Louis XIV wig. I only caught a glimpse of him as the train pulled in, but the wig did appear to be trying to climb down the side of his face. I just hoped he could see where he was going.
  • Two tall, skinny young guys being zombies: mussed-up hair, whiteface, tattered clothes. They didn't lurch much, but they did maintain an air of silent zombie cool as they sat between tired commuters who pretended to ignore them.
Speaking of zombies, we watched Bubba Ho-Tep in honor of the season. Bruce Campbell (the Evil Dead guy) plays Elvis, who long ago decided he'd had enough of fame and is now a decrepit old guy in a nursing home. Along with his best friend, a guy who believes he's JFK (and is played by Ossie Davis ... think about it ...) they set out to save the home's residents from an ancient mummy who is feeding on their souls. It's cheesy, and silly, and also quite sweet. You can't say that about too many films featuring the undead.


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