Monday, March 28, 2011

Another last supper: Craigie on Main

Still got a few good meals in me, it seems, and I'm making the most of it. Which meant a trip last weekend to Craigie on Main, where we had:

The ridiculously good grilled octopus. I don't know how they get such an incredible texture; forget everything you thought you knew about tentacles.

A lovely little cake of fromage de tête with a duck's egg. Here's the before and after (or at least during).

Then The Boy had chicken-sausage-stuffed chicken. The bird was brined, juicy and delicious.

And I went for the lamb three ways: a sweet, fatty piece of slow-cooked neck, a grilled tongue, and a very nice heart sausage that was light in texture but deep with flavor.

And then dessert — no, wait, first a sorbet of grapefruit and Campari topped with champagne foam. Palate: cleansed.

And then dessert: for The Boy, a just-tart-enough sour milk panna cotta with a nutty, spicy granola and cherry puree. Meanwhile, my pork-dar stopped at the bourbon-pecan ice cream pie, whose crust contained bacony goodness.

And then we were done — no, wait, first there was cardamon-ancho chile hot chocolate, smooth and spicy and warming.

And then a tiny, perfect, lemon-filled macaron.

In other news, I've gained back the weight I lost when I started chemo and have added another four pounds. Coincidence?

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