Saturday, September 13, 2008

Signs you live in a wealthy nation

Despite the calorifically good time we had indulging in fried food at the Big E last year, we decided not to schlep out there this time.

Which is a shame in some ways, as I was just thinking about one of the Big E's big draws: the butter sculpture. What could be more perfectly American than taking an unnecessarily large amount of food, shaping it into a
whimsical approximation of a cow, and then throwing it out?

And then my co-conspirator Mike sent me a link to the site of
Jim Victor, a Pennsylvania sculptor who takes food sculpture to a whole new level.

A roast turkey made from chocolate!

A Channel 10 newsanchor in parmesan cheese!

A rather coy Fidel Castro in vegetables!

There's more; so much more. If you want to see Columbus's ships in pizza dough, Ronald Reagan in butter or Mickey Rooney in chocolate (yes, a disturbing thought, I know), I suggest you go visit Jim's
food sculpture page.

Meanwhile, I'll be in the kitchen with a picture of Larry King and a bag of walnuts.

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