Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Tatte, sorry about that :-)

Recently in this space, I wrote about a visit to Tatte, Brookline's tiny pastry store, where my excitement about the fabulousness of their buttery nut box (oo-er, missus!) was tempered by the superior attitude of the counter staff.

Last week I went back with co-conspirator Mike, who was intrigued by my tales of dessert and detachment.

And of course there was a different girl behind the counter.

And of course she was lovely: sweet and cheerful and enthusiastic about our choices.

So I can only assume that on my previous visit, I caught Tatte on a bad day.

Sorry, Tatte.

Also, your pistachio cookies are fabulous.

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Anonymous Elina said...

I love Tatte (I actually reviewed it on my blog 2 days ago)! I've been there a few times and the staff always seems nice. Maybe the first time around the girl was in a weird mood or something? 8)

8:05 PM  

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