Friday, October 05, 2007

Just (remembering) dessert

I was going to write about Rialto, wasn't I? Oh, but that was three whole weeks ago, and my tastebud memory has faded.


Neither of us can quite remember how I started, though I think some tender prosciutto was involved (The Boy had a grilled squid salad with fresh mint, which blended nicely). I do recall that the pork two ways included a chunk of Kurobuta pork shoulder that can only be described as pig confit. I know The Boy had a whole grilled sea bass with mussels and lemon that (if memory serves) was delicate, if a little unadventurous in execution.

But I do remember, very clearly indeed, the lemon panna cotta.

Bright and zesty, creamy but not too rich--a good clean flavor. Finished with a layer of Limoncello and diced fresh watermelon, and served with tiny buttery cookies.

Selective memory isn't such a bad thing.



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