Friday, July 20, 2007

Zebra attack!

One of the advantages of being a grown-up is the ability to take detours on road trips. Example: as we drove from Austin to San Antonio yesterday, we passed roadside billboards for the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch ("African Safari--Texas Style!").

"Shall we?" I asked.

"Yes, we shall," said The Boy.

The entrance fee also gets you a bag of animal feed; we picked up another one, just in case. Tasty little bran-based nuggets. ("Are you eating them?" asked The Boy, incredulously.)

And then, observing the rules about staying in the car and not driving above 5 mph, we entered the Kilimanjaro Overlook. And saw, among many other deer/gnu/elk-related animals, this:

And had a visit from this:

And then, when we crossed into the Kenyan Preserve, we were attacked.

We saw them coming down the road.

"Why hello! I believe you have something for me?"

"Perhaps if I come round to the passenger side?"

"Come on, gimme."




Blogger Laura said...


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Blogger LimeyG said...

Coming soon: "Zebra Attack--the Movie."

3:15 PM  

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