Sunday, March 18, 2007

Exploring Selfridges

Thursday was supposed to be the day we stumbled back to Julie's laden down with shopping bags and hat-boxes, having conquered the West End's retail cornucopia. But on that front we were unsuccessful; a combination of the horribly weak dollar (which meant I had to double the price of everything to convert it to US currency--yikes!) and the terribly '80s-revival fashions (which meant the racks were full of loose tunics, baggy sweaters and a-line dresses--eep!).

So apart from the lovely cropped jacket my mom had insisted on buying me from M&S ("put your purse away"/"no, I'll get this"), I didn't come home with a wearable souvenir this time.

Of course, that's not to say we didn't have fun wandering around Selfridges (oh, the kitchen department with its Andy Warhol tea cosies! Oh, the Agent Provocateur concession with its tiny lacy confections and its platinum-blonde salesgirl in tiny nurse's uniform! Oh, oh, the food court with its homemade merguez and whole rabbits and smoked eel! And its Yo! Sushi conveyor-belt counter and its pie bar, among other dining options!).

Oh look, it's lunchtime ...

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