Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday breakfast, Sunday lunch

Necessity dictated a big ol' fry-up for breakast and my dad came through with the real deal: bacon, fried potato, thick wedges of peppery black pudding, grilled tomato, and double-yolker fried eggs.

And as it was Sunday, we went out for pub lunch to the Sutton Arms in Elton. The Arms has one of the largest menus I've seen, and while too many options generally means none of them are above average (it's really not possible to offer more than 150 entrees and expect everything to be made from scratch with fresh ingredients), they do a pretty good job.

Especially worthwhile are the game-related dishes: the casserole of local game with port and bacon; the rabbit pie; the roast duck confit with butter-bean sauce.

Somewhat intriguing (but probably best avoided) is the 200-oz rump steak (which costs £85 and requires a day's notice).

We opted for the straightforward Sunday lunch: my parents and The Boy had roast lamb, so I went for roast pork.

Thick slices of meat, reasonably moist, with whipped potato, roast potato, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing and a rich, salty gravy.

Oh, and veggies on the side: a steamed selection (turnip, carrot, slightly brown broccoli, slightly gray cabbage) and a big bowl of mushy peas:

(Do not adjust your set.)

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