Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sarah made cookies!

I'm always impressed when people spend a whole day in the kitchen and then give away the results.

Take lovely co-worker Sarah: she woke up on Sunday and started baking. She finished at around 9 p.m. And then she packaged her creations in gift bags with pretty paper and brought them in to work.

Espresso crinkles, dense and rich and topped with powdered sugar:

Here's the recipe—Sarah's look much nicer, don't they?

Also, raspberry-filled shortcake cookies:

I forget how much butter she said was in each one, but it was somewhere in the vicinity of All Butter Ever Made, Ever, in The History of the World.

Somehow, I resisted the urge to eat them all at my desk and then slump in my Aeron in a butter-and-sugar coma, white powder covering my face like I was in the VIP room at Studio 54.

I can't promise the same restraint in the privacy of my own home, however.

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