Sunday, July 11, 2010

What we ate in San Francisco

This morning we got back from a real actual vacation.

It's hard to believe that this time yesterday we were on the West Coast, finishing up a week of eating and sightseeing and hearing about the powerful warm weather back home (the temperature barely hit 70 the whole time we were in California).

I have to write it all down as much for my own purposes (failing memory and all) as to share adventures in eating (which included food trucks, street food and Chez Panisse; some of these most definitely earn a post of their own).

So here's a rundown of some of the things we ate in San Francisco.

From Far West Funghi in the Ferry Building market, a truffle macaron (because they were all out of porcini). It was an intriguing (in a good way) balance of desserty sweetness with truffle's dark earthiness.

We also checked out the
Cowgirl Creamery location and drooled over cheeses (they had a few of the New England types we tried at ONCE Cheese).

And we picked up a snack pack to go:
Bellwether Farms Crescenza with marinated olives and sesame crackers, as close to butter as you can get while still being cheese.

We also wandered into the Mission, where we did a little pirate-goods shopping at
826 Valencia and then had lunch at Regalito Rosticeria.

The fresh guacamole comes with warm, whole, crispy tortillas.

The cochinita pibil was smoky, warm-spicy, slow-cooked and topped with pickled red onion.

The food was not unlike the style of Mexican found here, except. Except. The cheese was queso fresco, the tortillas tasted like corn, the salsa verde was made with fresh tomatillos and the tomatoes were full of flavor.

We had drinks at the
Rickhouse, which is a lot like Drink or Eastern Standard in that the bartenders have encyclopedic cocktail knowledge. It's a lovely space. Note the jars of fresh garnish.

Wexler's we had scotch eggs with runny yolks. That blew my mind-grapes.

And then there was our visit to the Fillmore Jazz Fest on July 4th, which meant we got to try all kinds of fun stuff, including pupusas stuffed with pork, tomato and avocado:

Fresh, warm beignets, loaded with powdered sugar:

And the two best discoveries: Spam musubi, a work of Hawai'ian genius involving Spam and rice wrapped in seaweed:

And BBQ oysters (shucked, grilled, and basted with garlic butter)

What a country!

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Anonymous Dawn said...

The food looks wonderful, but I'm mostly jealous of your 826 Valencia stop. Aarrrrrggh.

8:20 PM  

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