Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sunrise this morning

Getting out of bed: not something I do eagerly. Especially at this cooler time of year, when the bed seems so much warmer and the comforter so pleasantly heavy.

At 5:45, the radio alarm comes on at a gentle volume, a whisper, and gradually increases to a room-filling-sound level, and The Boy and I curl up together and try to untangle dream-reality from NPR-news-reality. Some days, that's harder than others.

We wait for the weather forecast before we start to stir, so we can start the day with some kind of contextual relevance. This morning, the announcer mentioned the sunrise twice. It really is quite spectacular, he said. You really should take a look, he said.

I was intrigued enough to get up.

I'm guessing the announcer's view of the sky was broader than mine. But still (and it's not often I say this): worth getting out of bed for.

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