Friday, September 01, 2006

Car ad as US-involvement-in-foreign-affairs motif

Last night I saw an ad for the Hummer H3 that summed up perfectly, in perhaps 30 seconds, why the rest of the world has a problem with the US.

A mom is at a playground with her son. They're waiting for his turn to go on the slide, when suddenly another mom pushes her kid ahead of them. When mom #1 politely points out that her son was next, she's told, "Well, now we're next."

Cut to mom and son striding into a Hummer dealership. Cut to son being strapped into his seatbelt (let's be safe, people!). Cut to mom sailing her new H3 armored tank out of the lot, a smile on her face. No-one's gonna mess with her now.

I don't like Hummers on principle. But some of their other ads are creative, funny, even breathtaking. (Edit, Nov 06: I did have links to the ads here, but as YouTube has now gone all corporate and fearful of lawsuits, the videos are no longer available. Sorry.)

This is the first ad I've seen that appeals directly to the soccer-mom demographic, pushing the "protect your kids like a mother wolverine" ethos: if you're not driving your offspring around in a Hummer, they'll spend the rest of their lives getting sand kicked in their faces. And what kind of parent would you be then?

And isn't this pretty much how the US approaches international relations: mess with us and we'll spend a lot of money and come right back atcha with even bigger toys? Bring it on.

Thank goodness for satire.


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